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The two Swiss hostages have returned safe and sound from Pakistan

17.03.2012 — Press release EDA
The Swiss woman and the Swiss man who were kidnapped in the province of Baluchistan in Pakistan at the beginning of July 2011 have now returned safely to Switzerland. They were welcomed back at Zürich airport by relatives and friends. They thanked the members of the inter-departmental task force for their efforts and support over the past months.

Signature of cooperation framework between the European Defence Agency (EDA) and Switzerland

16.03.2012 — Press release EDA
Switzerland and the European Defence Agency (EDA) want to cooperate in the armaments sector. A corresponding cooperation framework was signed in Brussels today. The framework without legal commitment enables Switzerland to recognise armaments policy developments at an early stage, and to access multilateral armaments cooperation in Europe. Switzerland is free to decide what information it wants to exchange with the EDA and in what projects and programs it wishes to participate.

International Geneva: the Confederation and the Canton Geneva sign a memorandum of understanding

16.03.2012 — Press release EDA
The Confederation, represented by the Head of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) Didier Burkhalter, and the Canton Geneva signed a memorandum of understanding on the working of the Confederation-Canton Permanent Joint Group (GPC) on the priorities for International Geneva. This document provides an institutional framework whose purpose is to improve the preparation, the implementation and the follow-up of work between the Confederation, the Canton Geneva and the City of Geneva.

Swiss Rescue practised emergency preparedness

15.03.2012 — Press release EDA
The exercise village of Epeisses near Geneva is one of two Swiss Army military training grounds that have been completely reduced to rubble, which makes it an ideal site for Swiss Rescue to conduct a large-scale training exercise. In a realistically simulated deployment, from 13 to 15 March, some 100 specialists and 12 dogs have been conducting training exercises on the search and rescue of people trapped under collapsed buildings. Federal Councillor Didier Burkhalter visited the participants during the second day of the training exercise and praised Swiss Rescue as a widely recognised organisation that unites the Swiss people and enjoys their support.

Pakistan: The two Swiss hostages are free

15.03.2012 — Press release EDA
The Swiss man and woman who were kidnapped in early July 2011 in the Baluchistan province of Pakistan are free. The Swiss Ambassador in Islamabad is in direct contact with them and has ascertained that they are uninjured and that, given the circumstances, they are doing well. They are currently in a safe place in Pakistan. They will return to Switzerland as soon as possible.

Official working visit to Bern by the Armenian Minister of Foreign Affairs Edward Nalbandian

14.03.2012 — Press release EDA
Federal Councilor Didier Burkhalter, head of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) met his Armenian counterpart Edward Nalbandian in the framework of an official working visit at the maison de Watteville in Bern. They discussed several bilateral issues, including technical and humanitarian cooperation as well as regional questions.

Switzerland’s water footprint is measured for the first time

12.03.2012 — Article DEZA

The SDC, WWF together with the interdepartemental goup IDANE Wasser, have published the first ever report on Switzerland’s water footprint. Finding: 82% of the water required to produce all the goods and services consumed in our country comes from abroad. The report emphasises that Switzerland has a shared responsibility in respect of sustainable water management on a planetary level, and proposes a set of recommendations.

Switzerland at the World Water Forum in Marseille

12.03.2012 — Press release EDA
Time for Solutions is the motto of the sixth World Water Forum which will be held in Marseille (France) from 12 to 17 March. A delegation headed by Martin Dahinden, director of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), will attend this event, the largest of its kind for water. The Swiss contribution to this forum will focus on the implementation of the human right to water and sanitation.

Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM)

09.03.2012 — Press release EDA
Swiss candidacy to the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) was accepted at the ASEM Senior Officials Meeting on 1 March. The Swiss government (Federal Council) is pleased to have the opportunity to work with ASEM and sees it as a useful new foreign policy instrument. ASEM is the main forum for dialogue between Asia and Europe, representing today 60% of the world’s population, and 60% of world trade.


09.03.2012 — Press release EDA
The Federal Council today approved Switzerland's new health foreign policy, which will enter into force on 15 March 2012. This policy establishes priorities and defines cooperation between all administrative units in matters of global health policy.

Federal Council issues negotiating mandate for UN «Rio+20» sustainability summit

09.03.2012 — Press release EDA
Rio+20, the United Nations Conference on Sustainability, will take place in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) from 20 to 22 June 2012. One of the aims of the conference is to define the contribution of a green economy to sustainable development and poverty eradication. The negotiations on the Rio+20 resolution will commence on 19 March 2012 in New York. The Swiss Federal Council issued its mandate to Switzerland’s negotiating delegation on 9 March 2012.

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