Inter-Palestinian reconciliation deal announced

Bern, Press release, 28.04.2011

Switzerland takes positive note of the announcement issued on 27 April 2011 regarding the signing of an inter-Palestinian reconciliation agreement. It also wishes to welcome Egypt’s key role in brokering this deal.

Switzerland supports Palestinian reconciliation, which is an essential prerequisite for the achievement of the legitimate aspirations of the Palestinian people to self-determination. This agreement meets the expectations expressed by the Palestinian people and should advance democracy and the respect of human rights across the Palestinian territories. It should also strengthen efforts to build the necessary institutions for any future independent Palestinian state.

Switzerland considers that priority should now be given to achieving a permanent ceasefire, lifting the blockade in Gaza, and reaching an agreement on the release of the Israeli solider, Gilad Shalit. It also urges all parties to work closely with the Quartet in order to reach a global and negotiated solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in accordance with international law and UN Security Council Resolutions 242, 338 and 1515, and governed by the principle of land for peace.

Switzerland supports a negotiated two-state solution according to the model developed in the Geneva Accord by members of Israeli and Palestinian civil society. In 2010, Switzerland proposed the introduction of an access regime to Gaza that would uphold Israeli security interests. It also encourages all parties involved to fully respect international humanitarian law.

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