Switzerland dispatches Experts to Thailand

Bern, Press release, 01.11.2011

Switzerland is supporting Thailand in coping with the consequences of the floods. To this end, four experts from the Swiss Humanitarian Aid Unit (SHA) have set out for Bangkok. In addition, Swiss Humanitarian Aid has made CHF 100,000 available for projects in Thailand and Cambodia.

Beginning Wednesday, 2 November 2011, four SHA experts will be supporting the Thai government in coping with the consequences of the floods.The team is made up of a water specialist, a microbiologist, and two experts on flood containment and coping measures. They will provide their expertise in the areas of water management, the measuring of water quality, and in evaluating the condition of the dams and embankments. The dispatch of experts follows upon the corresponding offer made by the Federal department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) and accepted by the Thai government.  

Swiss Humanitarian Aid had already released an amount of CHF 100,000 for emergency relief to assist the populations in Thailand and Cambodia suffering from the impact of the floods. The money will be used for projects conducted by the Thai Red Cross and by two local organizations in Thailand and Cambodia for the purpose of distributing rice, canned fish, water filters and medicines.  

Up to now, the Swiss Embassy in Bangkok has not been directly affected by the floods. It continues to be open and maintains contact with the Swiss community in Thailand and with the Thai government, while supporting Swiss citizens seeking counsel and advice.

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