The International Commission against the Death Penalty moves its headquarters to Geneva

Bern, Press release, 10.10.2011

President of the Swiss Confederation Micheline Calmy-Rey today took part in the opening of the fourth meeting of the International Commission against the Death Penalty in Geneva. She welcomed the decision by the Commission to move its headquarters from Madrid to Geneva, where it will be integrated into the Academy of International Humanitarian Law and of Human Rights

The abolition of the death penalty is a central plank in Swiss human rights policy. This is why Switzerland supported Spain's initiative to establish an independent international commission against the death penalty. This decision was taken at the fourth World Congress against the Death Penalty in February 2010 in Geneva with the aim of persuading as many countries and actors as possible to commit themselves to the goal of abolition. 

The Commission consists of high-ranking personalities from various countries and is chaired by Federico Mayor Zaragoza from Spain. It is assisted by a support group consisting of representatives of several countries. As of October 2011, the support group will be chaired by Paul Koller, the Swiss ambassador for human rights issues.

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