Annual Report 2011 SECO/SDC on Switzerland's contribution to EU enlargement

Article, 25.04.2012

The approval process for projects within the frame of the Switzerland’s Enlargement Contribution unfolded in a satisfactory manner. The number of definitively approved projects virtually doubled in comparison with last year. Numerous projects that had been approved in the previous years were able to be further implemented according to plan.

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With its Enlargement Contribution, Switzerland is participating in the reduction of the economic and social disparities in the enlarged European Union (EU). The Enlargement Contribution to the benefit of the ten countries that acceded to the European Union in 2004 (collectively referred to as the EU-10) is endowed with the sum of CHF 1 billion. The supplementary contribution for Bulgaria and Romania, which have been members of the EU since 2007, comes to CHF 257 million. With respect to the EU-10 countries, by the end of 2011, progress continued to be achieved in the approval process. Switzerland as at present definitively approved an overall 144 projects for a total volume of CHF 694 million. In addition, 72 project proposals representing a total of CHF 268 million were accepted with provisional approval. The implementation of the already approved projects unfolded according to plan. By the end of 2011, some 53% of the contribution funds amounting to CHF 257 million earmarked for programmes in Bulgaria and Romania were able to be provisionally or definitively committed. This includes support for 11 so-called Thematic Funds as well as funding for the first individual projects.

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