Public International Law Day 2016: Restitution of Stolen Assets

Monday, 12.12.2016 – Monday, 12.12.2016

Public event

On Public International Law Day 2016 the Directorate of International Law will present the various stages of the restitution of stolen assets. Experts from various fields will report on their experiences.

Location: Rathaus Bern

Public International Law Day 2016 covers the theme of ‘The restitution of stolen assets: a joint responsibility’. The new FDFA brochure No Dirty Money will be presented. 

The return of the illicitly acquired assets of politically exposed persons is a subject of current political debate. The Federal Act on the Freezing and the Restitution of Illicit Assets held by Foreign Politically Exposed Persons was recently enacted in this context.

Complex procedure

On Public International Law Day 2016 participants will analyse the political challenges and the legal, administrative and development-related mechanisms of the complex process of freezing and returning illicitly acquired assets. Specifically, they will illustrate the three stages of this process and their national and international implications:

  1. Freezing of assets held in Switzerland

  2. Investigating the illegal origin of assets

  3. Returning assets to their country of origin

Since the first emblematic case 30 years ago – the Federal Council’s freezing of the assets of former Philippine ruler Ferdinand Marcos in 1986 – Switzerland has been able to return USD 2 billion worth of assets to their countries of origin. Public International Law Day is an opportunity to take stock.

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