Leave no one behind – Discrimination, Exclusion and the 2030 Agenda

Wednesday, 22.06.2016 – Wednesday, 22.06.2016

Conference Assembly; Public event

Discrimination and exclusion are human rights challenges at the core of sustainable development. These need to be overcome for the 2030 agenda’s central promise of «leaving no one behind» to be realised.

Discrimination and exclusion may be the result of deliberate policies that disfavour certain groups. Or they are consequences of policies that fail to tackle existing prejudice and exclusion, be it due to flawed data, lack of analysis and understanding, or insufficient political will.

Both scenarios have profound implications for governments and development partners. TRAVERSE wants to shed light on this.

Flyer (PDF, Page 1, 350.8 kB, English)
Briefing Paper (PDF, Number of pages 3, 150.6 kB, English)
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Location: DEZA, Freiburgstrasse 130, 3003 Bern, A2023