Peaceful, Just and Inclusive Societies (SDG 16), Phase 3 (Contribution 21 – 23) Formerly: Pathfinders for Peaceful, Just and Inclusive Societies

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Switzerland has a strategic interest in shaping the global dialogue on development and peace. The Agenda 2030’s Sustainable Development Goal 16 (SDG16) on “Peaceful, Just and Inclusive Societies” provides a unique opportunity. This is why Switzerland is contributing to three initiatives advocating complementarily at the global and national levels, increasing poltical engagement and financial means to advance reforms and good governance, while leaving no one behind.   

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Monde entier
Conflit & fragilité
Prévention des conflits
Politique du secteur publique
Développement des systèmes légaux et judiciaires
01.05.2021 - 31.12.2023
CHF  3’380’000
Contexte The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development states that there can be no peace without sustainable development, and no sustainable development without peace. Sustainable Development Goal 16 aims to build more peaceful societies, access to justice for all, as well as more inclusive, accountable and responsive institutions at all levels. Switzerland is among the first supporters of SDG16. By staying engaged in a few selected initiatives promoting the implementation of this SDG, it helps scaling up the support to its goals, by identifying workable solutions, sharing concrete experiences, shaping policy agendas, etc.  

Accelerate the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 16 and related targets in the 2030 Agenda, in the last nine years heading to 2030: Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels.

Switzerland will partner with three initiatives towards this goal, working complementarily on delivering SDG16 at the local level, on measuring the progress in the field (reporting), and on shaping with these elements the global dialogue and learning. The partners will help Switzerland better communicating on its engagement in favor of SDG16.  

Groupes cibles

Member States, UN organisations, International Finance Institutions, civil society, academia and research institutions, other platforms. 

By extension women, men and children, whose development is hindered by violence, injustice and exclusion 

Effets à moyen terme

x  Initiative 1 - Pathfinders: Encourage broader and deeper national engagement on SDG16 policies and reforms, through supporting political momentum (e.g. high level dialogues), evidence and innovation (e.g. research and analysis) and partnerships (e.g. building coalitions). Put a particular focus on violence reduction.  

x Initiative 2 - Transparency, Accountability, and Participation Network (TAP): Improve capacity of civil society to work with their governments around implementation, localization, follow-up and reporting (e.g. VNR) on SDG16 and the 2030 Agenda, feeding back into the global dialogue.

x Initiative 3 – 16+ Forum: Foster greater collaboration and mutual understanding among SDG16 stakeholders through dialogue and exchange.  


Principaux résultats attendus:  

9   High-Level Task Force on Violence launched and Violence challenge papers published, to help create momentum 

9   Policy processes at the global level are connected to specific Swiss partner countries to provide international visibility and boost policy progress at national level (e.g. Tunisia, Bangladesh).

9   “SDG16 Civil Society Toolkit” Goal 16 Advocacy Toolkit launched, providing a solid base for civil society’s participation in national review process of Agenda 2030 (Voluntary National Reports, Spotlight reports). 

9    Three yearly SDG16+ Forum organised.  

Principaux résultats antérieurs:  

9   Concept of “SDG 16+” established and used as a global framework for peace, justice and inclusion. 

9   On this basis, launched a Roadmap providing a shared vision for how to deliver SDG16.  

9   Pathfinders countries (see p. 3) were at the forefront of calls for greater ambition on SDG16 during the first SDG Summit (2019) and also during Covid. 

9    Pathfinders’ Task Force on Justice has published the landmark Justice for All report.  9 Lesson learned: It remains difficult for Pathfinders (and in general SDG16) to deliver at the national level, more focus has to be put on this dimension.   

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Coordination avec d'autres projets et acteurs

Swiss level: Swiss bi-lateral and multilateral engagement on implementation of SDG 16+ (Peace and Human Rights Division, SDC); engagement on illicit financial flows and asset recovery; New Deal (OECD)..

International level: Actors engaged on monitoring and delivering the SDGs and those leading on SDG 16+ delivery (so-called SDG16+ Community); World Bank, Private Sector; Academia.  

Budget Phase en cours Budget de la Suisse CHF    3’380’000 Budget suisse déjà attribué CHF    3’080’250
Phases du projet

Phase 3 01.05.2021 - 31.12.2023   (Completed)

Phase 2 01.07.2018 - 31.12.2020   (Completed) Phase 1 15.02.2016 - 31.07.2018   (Completed)