Backstopping SDC Climate Change and Environment (CC&E) Network

Proyecto terminado

A climate change (CC) smart Swiss development cooperation requires a timely knowledge management (KM) and a sound thematic expertise. Phase 4 of this backstopping mandate seeks to secure the necessary resources and to allow for the required flexibility in a dynamic setting. It shall stimulate joint learning, tap thematic expertise, capitalize experiences, and mainstream CC&E. By doing so, the CC&E Network will contribute to improve the quality of SDC’s operational activities and nourish the policy dialogue at different levels.

Región/País Tema Período Presupuesto
A nivel mundial
Cambio climático y medio ambiente
Agricultura y seguridad alimentaria
Environmental policy
Protección de la biosfera
Política agrícola
01.07.2015 - 30.06.2018
CHF  1’500’000

The increased relevance of CC in the development context requires adequate means for appropriate knowledge management within the SDC for its quality assurance. The complexity of the challenges require an integrated approach and a stronger cooperation within SDC (in particular with other thematic networks, the global programmes, and the field offices) and with key strategic partners.


Climate change and environment related aspects are adequately included in all SDC domains of operation in order to support the implementation of the Global Programme Climate Change (GPCC) Strategic Framework 2014-2017 and to safeguard development results.

Grupos destinarios

  • SDC CC&E Network members at the headquarter , in cooperation offices, integrated embassies and SDC partner organizations in Switzerland and abroad; and
  • Concerned / interested SDC units and key partner organizations active in implementation, normative and conceptual work as well as policy dialogue at various levels.

Efectos a medio plazo

  1. Lessons learned and key messages extracted by the CC&E Network are used for planning and nourish the policy dialogue at various levels.
  2. Climate change and environment related capacities of CC&E Network members and key SDC partners are strengthened and CC&E aspects adequately reflected in SDC strategies, programs and projects;
  3. Thematic and conceptual expertise is used and contributes to improve service delivery and to secure the quality of CC&E related interventions by SDC and key partners.


Resultados de las fases anteriores:  

  • Creation and development of a network of currently over 250 members;
  • Organisation of a global and a multi-regional multi-network face-to-face (f2f) meeting along with preparatory thematic e-discussions;
  • Development and dissemination of an internationally recognized tool to mainstream CC, disaster risk reduction (DRR), and environmental issues: CEDRIG – Climate, Environment and Disaster Risk Integration Guidance;
  • Strengthening of the cooperation with other SDC networks and with key strategic partners.

Dirección / Officina Federal responsable COSUDE
Crédito Cooperación al desarrollo
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Presupuesto Fase en curso Presupuesto suizo CHF    1’500’000 Presupuesto actual suizo ya emitido CHF    1’307’071 Total del proyecto desde la primera fase Presupuesto inclusive contrapartes del proyecto CHF   5’500’000
Fases del proyecto Fase 5 01.07.2018 - 31.12.2023   (Fase en curso)

Fase 4 01.07.2015 - 30.06.2018   (Completed)

Fase 3 01.01.2012 - 31.12.2015   (Completed) Fase 2 01.08.2010 - 31.12.2011   (Completed) Fase 1 01.01.2009 - 31.07.2010   (Completed)