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SECO supports the World Bank in developing tools, knowledge and pilot projects to address critical challenges impeding the sustainability of water infrastructure.

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Urban infrastructure and utilities
01.11.2015 - 31.10.2019
CHF 8'370'000
Contexto The sustainability of urban water infrastructure remains a challenge in many developing countries. The reasons are numerous. SECO’s partnership with the World Bank addresses some critical sustainability challenges by supporting analytical works, advisory services and pilot projects to 1) improve the performance of water and wastewater utilities, 2) guide the building, operation and maintenance of hydropower and dams and 3) demonstrate the impact of reliable water and sanitation services on economic prosperity.
Objetivos The overall objective of this partnership is to support analytical works, advisory services and pilot projects in the above-mentioned areas of engagement. This partnership will provide the necessary tools, knowledge and project based experience to implement better-designed water projects and ultimately have a greater impact on the sustainability of water infrastructure investments and services.
Efectos a medio plazo Pillar I :The financial and operational management of the Water Utilities of the 2 selected cities is improved. The municipalities of the 2 selected cities have improved their public financial management for water infrastructure.Pillar II: The use of HSAP assessments has increased in developing countries over the period of the partnership.Pillar III:Water policy is informed in the selected 2 cities.Investment lending is informed in countries where the analytical work has occurred.

Resultados previstos:   Pillar I:The municipal turnaround program is designed and implemented in 2 pilot utilities.The lessons learned from the implementation of the turnaround program are available. Corporate development punctual and targeted expertise is provided to WB projects.Pillar II:Hydropower stakeholders in developing countries are trained on hydropower sustainability.Pillar III:Reliable analysis on the impact of water and sanitation investments on private sector performance and on the economic costs of poorly managed water is provided.

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