Gender Tool Kit

Gender Tool Kit - instruments for gender mainstreaming

(pdf, 234 KB)
Definition of key gender concepts. Training/awareness, definition of gender concepts in COOF.

Gender Strategies
(pdf, 293 KB)
Strategic options for mainstreaming: Gender as a transversal theme, gender strategies and/or women's promotion projects.Country Programme, Formulation of gender strategies, training.

Gender analysis
(pdf, 304 KB)
Why and when do we need a gender analysis? Writing termes of references, training, preparing new programmes.

Analytical framework
(pdf, 298 KB)
Tools to analyse the gender division of labour (gender roles, resources, needs), to be adapted for micro, meso, macro level and sectoral variations. Analysis, ToRs, Training.

Gender in household and community analysis
(pdf, 269 KB)
Key questions around understanding local dynamics, opportunities/constraints for gender at micro level. Context analysis at micro level (eg. household survey, community research, PRA), awareness raising at micro level.

 Gender in country programme
(pdf, 222 KB)
Key questions at different stages of the coutry programme: analysis, planning and evaluation. Country Programme planning process, policy dialogue, evaluation.

 Gender in Programmes and Projects
(pdf, 271 KB)
Key questions at all stages of the PCM, verification of gender coherence in PCM. Annual planning, steering of prog/projects, preparation of monitoring systems, logframe.

 Gender in organisations
(pdf, 238 KB)
Organisational gender issues and entry points for mainstreaming in organisation. Institutional diagnosis and strategy for mainstreaming, gender and equal opportunities in an organisation.

 SDC example on Equal Opportunities
(pdf, 168 KB)
SDC's policy, strategy and experience. Institutional diagnosis and strategy for mainstreaming, gender and equal opportunities in an organisation.

 Gender and partners
(pdf, 237 KB)
Key questions to analyse gender awareness, capacities and needs in partner organisations and hints for successful competence building of partners. Assessment and selection of partners, gender mainstreaming strategies, planning of capacity building on gender partners.

 Gender and monitoring
(pdf, 255 KB)
Key questions and possible indicators for gender monitoring at programme and context levels. Elaboration of monitoring system, definition of key questions and indicators, training on gender and monitoring.

 Gender and Evaluation
(pdf, 297 KB)
Key questions to introduce Gender in an Evaluation or to evaluate the Gender impact of a program. Self-evaluation, external evaluation, review, assessment.

 Gender in multilateral cooperation
(pdf, 137 KB)
How integrate gender equality in multilateral activities, negotiations. Multilateral meeting, conferences, negotiations, comments on paper.

(pdf, 9KB)
Selected websites on gender. Additional information, research, background.