Gender Equality Toolbox: Instruments for Gender Mainstreaming

Father playing with his child in Bolivia
Gender corresponds to the division of roles between men and women in any given society. © SDC

Gender equality is a tranversal theme that must be considered and included at all levels. The tools below will support you to mainstream gender equality in development cooperation.

Gender Equality Toolbox

  • Institutional Tools: The institutional tools support the SDC staff and its partners to integrate relevant gender issues in their institutional tasks, management and strategic steering. The application of these tools helps to increase the accountability and measurability of the work on gender equality.
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  • Methodic Tools: The methodic tools support the SDC staff and its partners in integrating relevant gender issues into their operational work. Find relevant documents on gender analysis and integration of gender into the project cycle management (PCM) on these subpages.
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  • Thematic Guidance Sheets: The thematic tools support SDC staff and its partners in integrating relevant gender issues in different thematic domains or sectors. Find SDC Gender Network's thematic guidance sheets on various topics here:
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Gender Equality Policies

Find here information on gender equality policies relevant for the SDC’s work, like international policies, the FDFA Gender Strategy, the SDC Gender Policy, and gender equality in Switzerland's international cooperation strategy.
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How is gender equality embedded into specific topics
such as gender-based violence, economic empowerment or political participation? Find more information here.
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Find our event calendar as well as the documentation of all events from the SDC Gender Network on these pages.
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Special Page on Gender and COVID-19 Pandemic

Due to the given exceptional circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, a special page provides information on gender-specific impact of COVID-19 and different tools and resources to address the repercussions on gender equality.
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Gender Shareweb

On the thematic Shareweb of the SDC Gender Network, you can find all relevant information on gender policies, gender-specific knowledge on different topics, tools for the work on gender equality, and all information on past and upcoming activities and events of the Gender Network.
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