Brot für alle programme contribution South 2015 - 2016

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Bread for all is the Development Service of the Protestant Churches in Switzerland. Bread for all empowers people in Asia, Latin America and Africa to free themselves from poverty and depen­dency and it motivates people in the North to commit to a fairer world. Bread for all is working in alliance with a network of Swiss NGOs implementing programs on four continents.

Country/region Topic Period Budget
Africa, Latin America, Asia, Europe
Agriculture & food security
Conflict & fragility
Agricultural development
Sector not specified
Primary health care
Conflict prevention
01.01.2015 - 31.12.2016
CHF 13'300'000

Right to food: Agricultural policies in favour of small scale peasants rather than of industrial agro concerns are needed in order to ensure food security for all. A fair food policy also compre­hends the questions of patent law and preserva­tion of the genetic diversity. Food production has to be protected from the agro fuel industry. Local as well as regional production has to be en­hanced. Agricultural policy and global trade are closely linked.

Climate: Climate change threatens the most the poor living in the Southern hemisphere and raises a question of social justice. Changed weather conditions and the increasing number of extreme events mostly threaten poor countries.

Anticorruption: Whole nations are suffering from corruption, a phenomenon that penetrates all so­cial classes. Corruption can be tackled by raising awareness, by codes of conducts and by in­creased transparency.

Fair trade: developed countries and transnational corporations govern the global economy in their own interests. The liberalisation of markets did cost the sub-Saharan economy about 272 billion USD in the last 20 years. This amount would have allowed the region to absorb all its foreign debts and to provide vaccine and school enrolment to every child. To give developing countries a real chance in the global economy, trade must be reorganized so as not to undermine human rights and poverty reduction.


Bread for all aims at a democratic, fair and holisitic global development. People need to be empowered to have the required skills and possibilities to lead their lives with dignity, social and economic security  in an environment worth to live in.

Target groups

  • In Switzerland: public opinion, reformed Churches,

  • In the South: civil society organizations

Main Swiss NGO cooperation partners are: Blue Cross, Christlicher Friedensdienst (cfd), DM-Echange et mission, Connexio, Salvation Army, HorYzon, Mission Evangéllique Braille (MEB), mission 21, Service Missionnaire Evangélique (SME), Tear Fund, HEKS and Fastenopfer.

Medium-term outcomes

  • The Dialog Platforms delivers concrete propositions for the follow-up of Rio+20 as well as of the Millenium Development Goals.

  • Enterprises, communities and governmen­tal authorities take concrete steps to in­crease corporate and social responsibility and reduce human right violations in big concerns (focus on South Africa, RDC, China).

  • BFA partners in the South empower people to fight against land-grabbing so as to be able to live from their land.

  • Corruption risks in the work of BFA and its Swiss and South partner organizations are identified and mitigated with adequate measures.

  • BFA and its Swiss partner NGOs enhance the resilience of local population in the South to climate changes and train them accordingly on regional level.

  • Quality in the programs of BFA and its Swiss partner NGOs has increased in the fields of right to food, anticorruption, capacity development, religion and development. Synergies between the programs have been developped.


Expected results:  

  • Specialized publications on development policy.

  • Four national campaigns with petitions, interventions in the Parlament.

  • 12 climate workshops in the South (3-4 trainings/ year).

  • Cooperation agreement with 12 Swiss NGOs in the frame of the cooperation community, first anticorruption workshop.

Results from previous phases:  

  • In order to explore a new paradigma for development policy on a global level, BFA has set-up (together with Fastenopfer) an international dialog platform gathering a wide array of civil actors such as NGOs or reasearch institutes.

  • BFA – together with Fastenopfer- has launched successful campaigns to sensitize the Swiss public opinion on issues such as e.g. working conditions in the IT sector in China  (high tech, no rights?) or in the mining sector in the Demorcatic Republic of Congo (one man’s treasure is another man’s sorrow: mining and human rights). Policy changes were achieved in some of the targeted businesses. Workers and/or communities were informed about their (human) rights and supported in their negociation skills with businesses.

  • Together with HEKS and Bread for the world BFA has developped a tool for the participatory assessment of climate and disaster risks. In climate change trainings communities and local (=in the South) NGOs were trained to concretely deal with the effects of climate change.

  • BFA has set up a cooperation community gathering 12 Swiss NGOs on common issues (such as right to food, anticorruption, capacity development, religion and development) to share good practices and to develop common projects and trainings in the South.

Directorate/federal office responsible SDC
Credit area Development cooperation
Project partners Contract partner
Swiss Non-profit Organisation
  • Bread for all

Budget Current phase Swiss budget CHF   13'300'000 Swiss disbursement to date CHF   13'300'000
Project phases Phase 21 01.01.2019 - 31.12.2020   (Current phase) Phase 20 01.01.2017 - 31.12.2018   (Completed)

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