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Global Programme Food Security: Programme Framework 2021–24

How will the SDC's global IC instruments be applied in 2021–24? This information is set out in the Programme frameworks 2021–24 for the global programmes on climate change and environment, food security, health and water, and the Analysis and Policy and Global Institutions divisions.

Un seul monde 3/2020

How is the fight against poverty progressing? What actions have the various countries taken to achieve the UN's sustainable development objectives? How can rapid and effective action be taken when a crisis breaks out? With Agenda 2030, the collection and analysis of statistical data has also become more important for development cooperation. However, not all countries have effective institutions.

Policy Sector Development and Cooperation: Research Concept 2021–2024

This Research Concept for the Development and Cooperation policy sector outlines the most important challenges and objectives of Swiss international cooperation as well as the research priorities in regard to development and cooperation.

Reflection Papers on Culture and Development

This booklet "Reflection Papers on Culture and Development" shows how cultural engagement and development cooperation are connected. Based on theoretical debates and practical examples from various regions of the world, the impact and potential of cultural creation in terms of social transformation are discussed.

Switzerland's International Cooperation Strategy 2021-24

Through its international cooperation, Switzerland contributes to poverty reduction and sustainable development in developing countries. This brochure is an excerpt from the Dispatch to Parliament, in which the Federal Council explains its strategy and proposes five framework credits.

Object 25 – 36 of 368