Publications on the history of Swiss development cooperation

Publications on the history of Swiss development cooperation

In anniversary year 2011 (50 years SDC – More than Aid) a number of publications on the history of Swiss development cooperation were produced.

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In the Service of Mankind: Milestones in Swiss Development Cooperation since 1945

Beginning with the early days of Swiss development efforts following the Second World War, and right up to present times, this richly illustrated book sketches, in chronological sequence, the key events marking Swiss development cooperation, humanitarian aid, and cooperation with Eastern Europe, placing them within an international context. 

Order of the book (in german)

Special issue

SDC magazine “Eine Welt”

"Eine Welt”, a special issue to mark the 50th anniversary of the SDC. In the magazine, a historical article explains how Swiss development cooperation has tackled the constantly changing situation in developing countries and international institutions.

«Eine Welt» 1/2011 (de)

Half a Century of Swiss Development Assistance

"Wer langsam geht, kommt weit"

This book looks back on half a century of Swiss development cooperation and takes stock of the situation. It describes the principles, aims, methods and main players in development cooperation. The author focuses on the effectiveness of development cooperation, while eyewitness reports from 15 former Swiss development workers provide an insight into their personal motivation and various facets of their commitment in different regions.

Author: René Holenstein


Interview with the author

Orginal documents

Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland (DDS)

The aim of publishing the records of the Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland is to illustrate the underlying trends, guidelines and the basic realities of international relations. Among other things, Volume 22 (1961-1963) contains documents detailing the financial and technical aspects of cooperation with developing countries.

Dossier 50 years of Swiss development cooperation (fr)

Additional Information and Documents

Multimedia History

Impressions and milestones of Swiss Development Cooperation

Multimedia History