Former Directors-General


Manuel Sager *1955

1988 entrance into the diplomatic service (Bern, Athens, New York, Washington). 2001–02 Head of the International Humanitarian Law Coordination Office within the Directorate of International Law and subsequently head of FDFA Information and EAER Information. 2005–08 Executive Director of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, London, 2008–10 Head of the FDFA's Sectoral Foreign Policies Division. 2010–14 Swiss ambassador to the United States, 2014–20 Director General of the SDC.

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Martin Dahinden *1955

1987 entrance into the diplomatic service (Geneva, Paris, Nigeria, New York) 1996 Head of the OSCE Service of Political Affairs Division I, and Deputy Head of the OSCE Coordination Unit during the Swiss Chairmanship of the OSCE, 1997 Deputy Head of the Swiss Mission to NATO, 2000–2004 Director of the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining, 2004–2008 Directorate of Corporate Management at FDFA, 2008–2014 Director-General of SDC.

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Walter Fust *1945

1975 entrance into the diplomatic service (Geneva, Baghdad, Tokyo), Integration Office, 1984-1986 personal advisor to the Federal Councillor Head of the Department of Economic Affairs, 1986 Director of the OSEC, Secretary-General at the Department of Home Affairs, 1993-2008 Director-General of SDC.

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Fritz Staehelin *1928

1958 entrance into the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, from 1960 Cairo, Paris, Brussels, 1980 ambassador to Japan, 1983-1993 Director-General of the Directorate of Development Cooperation an Humanitarian Aid.

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Marcel Heimo *1917, †2013

1943-44 Swiss National Bank, 1945-46 Federal Department of Finance, 1969-74 permenant Swiss Federal Council's Delegate at the OECD in Paris, 1974-1982 Delegate for Technical Cooperation.

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Sigismond Marcuard *1917, †2010

1942 entrance into the Federal Political Department, 1959 Swiss chargé d'affairs in Baghdad, 1962 ambassador to Algeria, 1966-1974 Delegate for Technical Cooperation. 1973 Swiss ambassador extraordinary to the UN (observer).

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August R. Lindt *1905, †2000

ambassador; 1956-1960 high commissioner for refugees, 1963-1966 Delegate for Technical Cooperation; 1972-1975 personal advisor of the president of Rwanda.

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Hans Keller *1908, †1999

1938-1939 correspondent for the newspaper NZZ in Vienna, several posts in Swiss embassies in Eastern Europe, Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Trade, Swiss chargé d'affairs in Colombo, 1960 head of technical aid of the Federal Political Department, 1961 Delegate for Technical Cooperation, 1962 ambassador to China.

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