The SDC’s senior management is made up of the Director General, the Deputy Director General and seven Assistant Directors General. In this body, they have an advisory function and decide on business issues relevant to the SDC as a whole. The Deputy Director General and the Assistant Directors General are each head of one of the SDC’s divisions. 

Patricia Danzi
Director General

Manuel Bessler
Deputy Director General, Head of Humanitarian Aid and SHA Division

Susanna Caseri
Assistant Director General, Head of Financial Advice and Risk Management Section

Jean-Luc Bernasconi
Assistant Director General, Head of Foundations and Quality Division

Nicole Ruder
Assistant Director General, Head of Multilateral Affairs and NGO Division

Christian Frutiger
Assistant Director General, Head of Thematic Cooperation Division

Andrea Studer
Assistant Director General, Head of MENA - Europe Division

Nicolas Randin
Assistant Director General, Head of Sub-Saharan Africa Division

Arno Wicki
Assistant Director General, Head of Asia - LAC Division