'Truth in numbers' conference

Wednesday, 04.04.2018 – Wednesday, 04.04.2018

Public event

Symbolic image for the «Truth in numbers» conference.
The 'Truth in numbers' conference looks at the connection between technological developments and the dissemination of data, and how to handle data with a critical eye. © PARIS21

The SDC, the Federal Statistical Office and the Partnership in Statistics for Development in the 21st Century (PARIS21) are organising a conference entitled 'Truth in numbers: the role of data in a world of fact, fiction and everything in between', looking at technological developments for the production and dissemination of data and information. How do we know which data is reliable? The conference provides some answers.

Location: Bern, Kursaal

In addition to traditional media such as the press, television and radio, the dissemination of information is accelerated by the intensive use of social networks. Society receives and interprets these messages in different ways. We now live in a 'post-truth world', in which it is becoming increasingly difficult to identify fake news. For example, we see statistical data being used only to confirm already held opinions or to deliberately disseminate false information. 

Official statistics can provide answers to these problems. They are prepared according to strict, professional and ethical guidelines (e.g. the United Nations Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics or the European Statistics Code of Practice), and can be accessed and reproduced freely. 

The conference looks at the connections between 'fake news', 'bubbles' and everything related to official statistics.

Danish philosopher Vincent F. Hendricks provides an explanation based on his studies into the matter. A panel discussion will subsequently take place, examining how the misuse of data and information can be countered in the digital age. 

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