Swiss International Cooperation – Annual Report 2016

Young men and a young woman are trained to become electricians in a vocational training centre in Tanzania.
Vocational education and training can make a significant contribution to reducing poverty. © Sven Torfinn/Panos

The 2016 Annual Report looks back on a year marked by crises and conflicts which presented major challenges for the international community. The new Dispatch 2017–2020 gives Switzerland the means to continue to make an effective and sustainable contribution.

Crisis prevention and emergency aid

In the Middle East and Horn of Africa Switzerland is providing emergency aid and creating long-term prospects in local communities

Providing access to resources and services

The SDC aims to promote a social and supportive economy that helps to protect the environment and the most disadvantaged population groups.

Sustainable economic growth

The SDC is promoting sound financial management and sustainable economic growth to fight poverty.

Democracy and the market economy

By launching initiatives at the local level, Switzerland aims support those sectors of the economy with the greatest potential for growth and jobs.

Globalisation that promotes development

Switzerland is working to ensure that migration promotes development as much as possible and creates prospects in local communities.