Swiss International Cooperation – Annual Report 2015

Children looking at a globe in a classroom.
The SDC promotes high quality education for all. ©Giacomo Pirozzi/Panos

The global interdependence of social, economic and environmental issues was particularly evident in 2015. A firm commitment to sustainable development is key to effectively tackling the root causes of crises and poverty.

Crisis prevention and emergency aid

Switzerland works on the ground to deliver emergency aid, promote peace and create long-term prospects for local communities.

Providing access to resources and services

Education equips people to improve their living conditions and those of society as a whole.

Sustainable economic growth

Effective state institutions, good public service delivery and corporate responsibility for an attractive business environment

Democracy and the market economy

Switzerland promotes democracy through a series of local initiatives.

Globalisation that promotes development

The SDC helps communities of the Peruvian Altiplano to become more climate resilient.