UN Human Rights Council: Switzerland commits to strengthening conflict prevention and rights for women and children

Press release, 23.06.2017

The Human Rights Council ends its three-week June session today in Geneva. On the first anniversary of the Appeal of 13 June 2016 in Geneva and New York, Switzerland recalled the need to strengthen conflict prevention in the UN system through greater inclusion of human rights.

At the June session of the Human Rights Council, Switzerland reiterated its Appeal of 13 June, launched one year previously. The initiative aims to strengthen the UN's human rights pillar and to take human rights into account in the context of conflict prevention. The appeal has so far received the support of 71 UN member states from all the regions of the world.

Yesterday and today the Human Rights Council passed around 40 resolutions, including several to strengthen the rights of women and children. Switzerland has long been actively involved in fighting all forms of discrimination and violence against women and girls. It has co-authored the text of the resolution to combat child, early and forced marriages. The resolution adopted today focuses on the prevention and elimination of this practice in the humanitarian context and enjoys transregional support.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights reported on the partly inadequate cooperation between the UN member states and the special rapporteurs and other mechanisms of the Human Rights Council and its secretariat. Switzerland shares the concern of the High Commissioner, and considers cooperation with the special rapporteurs, independent experts and members of the commissions of inquiry to be essential to the functioning of the UN human rights system. At the end of the June session it therefore also supported numerous mandate renewals. For its part, Switzerland is ready to welcome all independent experts of the Human Rights Council on visits to Switzerland, if they so request.

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