Public consultation on international cooperation 2021–2024

Swiss development cooperation should become more focused and thus more effective. Interested parties are invited to submit their comments by 23 August 2019.

Tech4Good: effective partnerships with the private sector and academia

Through close cooperation with the scientific community and the private sector, the SDC exploits the full potential of new technologies for poverty reduction.

Famine in Africa and in Yemen

Several African countries and Yemen have been facing famine conditions since February 2017. The SDC has released additional funding to help the populations of these countries.

Mountains: harnessing sustainable development potential and managing risks

A large number of SDC projects take place in mountain regions and seek to improve the quality of life of people who live there.

Commitment to refugee and migration issues

Switzerland is committed at several levels to protecting refugees, internally displaced persons and migrants. Within the FDFA, responsibility for this area lies with the Human Security Division and the SDC.