Humanitarian Aid: saving lives and alleviating suffering

The humanitarian aid operations of the SDC are an expression of Switzerland's solidarity towards population groups in distress. The Humanitarian Aid of SDC focuses on emergency aid, the reconstruction and rehabilitation of disaster-stricken areas, and disaster risk reduction. It places the victims at the centre of its engagement in a spirit of neutrality, independence and impartiality.

Humanitarian Aid is one of the four departments of the SDC. It is involved in protecting the interests of vulnerable population groups prior to, during and after periods of conflict, crises or natural disasters. It has several operational resouces at its disposal (the Swiss Humanitarian Aid Unit, funding partner organisations, delivering relief supplies and advocacy).

The Humanitarian Aid of SDC aims to ensure the sustainability of its commitment on the ground through linking emergency aid with medium- and long-term programmes. For the 2017-2020 period, Switzerland has earmarked more than CHF 2 billion in humanitarian aid for those most in need.


Information on the mandate, legal foundations and implementation


Information on the thematic priorities of Swiss Humanitarian Aid

Operational resources

Swiss humanitarian aid defines the four resources needed as personnel, financial contributions, food and material

Swiss Humanitarian Aid Unit

The SHA is one of the Swiss government's humanitarian aid instruments which is available for direct actions and supports international organizations with its specialists