Wasser – Eine lebenswichtige Ressource in Gefahr


Weltweit erhöht sich der Druck auf die Wasserressourcen: Der Bedarf nimmt spektakulär zu, die Verfügbarkeit ist jedoch begrenzt. Eine der Herausforderungen des 21. Jahrhunderts ist, diese lebenswichtige Ressource zu schonen und für eine gerechte und entwicklungsfördernde Verteilung zu sorgen. Als Wasserschloss Europas verfügt die Schweiz über ausgewiesene Kompetenzen im schonenden Umgang mit Wasser, was ihr in der Internationalen Zusammenarbeit eine hohe Glaubwürdigkeit gibt.

Bevölkerungswachstum, Verstädterung, Klimawandel, Umweltverschmutzung, Landnutzungsänderungen und Wirtschaftswachstum wirken sich unmittelbar auf die Wasserressourcen aus. Im Jahr 2025 werden zwei Drittel aller Menschen in Gebieten mit Wasserknappheit leben. Es ist von zentraler Bedeutung für die Entwicklung, dass bei der Verteilung von Wasser soziale Gleichberechtigung, wirtschaftliche Effizienz und Umweltverträglichkeit gewährleistet werden. Die DEZA ist seit mehr als drei Jahrzehnten im Wasserbereich tätig und deckt folgende Aspekte ab: Soziales, Umwelt, Wirtschaft, Gouvernanz, Innovations- und Technologieförderung, Wissenstransfer und Politikdialog sowie Wasser und Frieden (Blue Peace).

Nachhaltige Bewirtschaftung

Die DEZA fördert effiziente Wassernutzung in der Wirtschaft und eine friedliche Zusammenarbeit von Ländern in grenzüberschreitenden Einzugsgebieten

Internationale Priorität

Die DEZA setzt sich dafür ein, dass das Wasserziel der Agenda 2030 für Nachhaltige Entwicklung rasch umgesetzt und dass der nachhaltige Umgang mit Wasser international stärker thematisiert wird

Recht auf Zugang

Die DEZA setzt sich mit konkreten Projekten und im Politikdialog dafür ein, dass die Menschenrechte auf Wasser und auf Sanitärversorgung umgesetzt werden

Blue Peace: Wasser als Instrument für den Frieden

Die Schweiz reagiert mit den Aktionslinien zum Thema Wasser und Sicherheit, der Swiss Toolbox für Blue Peace, auf die Herausforderung des weltweit ansteigenden Wasserbedarfs

Wasser in der Krise

Der Schutz des Wassers gehört heute zu den grössten Herausforderungen: Weltweit steigt der Bedarf, doch die Verfügbarkeit stagniert. Die Schweiz engagiert sich für den Zugang zu Trinkwasser, sichere Sanitäranlagen und eine gerechte Verteilung.

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Aktuelle Projekte

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Gaza Vulnerable Communities Development- GVCD (Phase 1)

01.10.2017 - 31.12.2020

In the first phase of this project, SDC will support selected Municipalities in the Gaza Strip to improve the delivery of services through the Municipal Development and Lending Fund (MDLF): small-scale infrastructure projects targeting vulnerable communities and capacity development activities to enhance the participation of these communities in local decision-making processes will be implemented. This project is aligned with Palestine National Policy Agenda (2017-2022), and Swiss Cooperation Strategy for the oPt (2015-2018).

Partenariat scientifique entre 2iE Ouagadougou et institutions universitaires suisses

01.10.2017 - 30.09.2020

La maitrise de l’eau et l’accès à des sources d’énergie durables sont des facteurs nécessaires pour créer les conditions d’un développement humain durable en Afrique. Pour y parvenir la formation de cadres compétents et le développement de technologies et d’approches innovantes sont indispensables. Le partenariat avec 2IE y a contribué durant les années écoulées et les résultats atteints feront l’objet d’une capitalisation au cours de cette phase de désengagement qui est la dernière phase de ce partenariat.

Global Water Security and Sanitation Partnership to achieve a water-secure world for all

01.09.2017 - 31.12.2030

The Global Water Security and Sanitation Partnership (GWSP) of the World Bank Water Global Practice is a global partnership with the objective to address the water and sanitation challenge in an integrated manner, as set out by the Global Sustainable Development Goal 6. This SDC support will promote innovative global knowledge production and exchange, dialogue and partnerships, as well as country-level support across regions at global scale.

IRQ Oxfam – Integrated WASH and Protection response to conflict affected communities in Diyala governorate

01.09.2017 - 31.12.2019

A majority of people living in rural northern Diyala do not have access to potable water which results in communities utilizing unsafe sources like rivers and irrigation channels. The lack of solid waste management systems further aggravates the poor health conditions within this area. This project aims at reducing water and sanitation related risks and increasing access to clean water for IDPs, returnees and host communities living in the districts of Kifri and Khanaqin. It also helps particularly vulnerable families access protection services.

Sierra Leone Landslide: Contribution to IFRC Emergency Appeal

23.08.2017 - 24.08.2018

On the night of 13 August 2017, the city of Freetown in Sierra Leone and its outskirts experienced torrential rains and landslides. At least 400 people were killed following the collapse of a hillside. 600 people are still missing and 3’000 were displaced. Through this contribution, Switzerland will assist 9’600 victims and affected people in Freetown with emergency and recovery services to improve the condition of shelter, water sanitation and hygiene as well as health care.

Mercy Corps: Rapid responses to movements of populations through cash based programming

01.08.2017 - 08.06.2018

Eastern DRC has faced a crisis for over twenty years and humanitarian needs remain acute. A combination of persistent armed conflict, forced and prolonged displacements, epidemics poor governance and poor service delivery have fostered high vulnerability within the population. Providing multi-sectoral assistance will helpp address the diversity of needs in communities in crisis, especially those of displaced people. SDC's contribution to Mercy Corps (MC) is specifically earmarked to provide assistance through unconditional, multi-purpose cash transfers. 

Support to Decentralization in Ukraine (DESPRO)

01.07.2017 - 31.12.2021

Switzerland’s continued support to decentralization and local governance reform in Ukraine builds upon the good results achieved in previous phases. By strengthening capacities of the key national reform stakeholders and improving national policies, SDC will contribute to further advancing the reform. Local governments will be capacitated to effectively use newly transferred competences and resources to provide quality public services (in particular water supply & sanitation and solid waste management) to citizens.

LEB – Improved Water Resources Monitoring and Integrated Water Resources Management in the North of Lebanon

01.07.2017 - 30.11.2020

For over five years now, the Syria crisis is continuing to affect middle-income neighbouring countries. As a result, Lebanon hosts the highest number of refugees per capita in the world. The weak governance of the Government has been worsened with the burden of the refugees from Syria and Palestine who use the same overstretched infrastructure and public services. The project aims at enabling the water authorities to better manage the water sector for the benefit of the vulnerable communities in the North of the country.

Potable Water Management Programme (PWMP) in Upper Egypt

01.07.2017 - 31.12.2027

Egypt is a water scarce country and has enormous needs in better managing water resources and reducing water losses as well as water consumption, as a prerequisite for inclusive economic development. This programme contributes to improved potable water management and service provision in the targeted affiliated Water & Wastewater Companies (WWCs) and to providing equal access to a reliable potable water supply system to deprived and informal areas in the economically disadvantaged governorates of Upper Egypt.

JOR Sanitation Solutions for Underserved Communities in Jordan

01.07.2017 - 30.06.2027

In Jordan water supply from conventional water sources has come to its limits. Appropriate sanitation solutions will minimize the risks for public health and reduce the hazards of environmental pollution. Additionally these will cut the costs for sanitation operations and free resources for other purposes. Thus the project will contribute to the much needed decoupling of population and economic growth from resource consumption and pollution of the environment.

Sanitation Solutions for Underserved Communities in Jordan

01.07.2017 - 30.11.2021

The amount of water available from conventional sources in Jordan is decreasing dangerously, the population is increasing constantly and additional sources are needed urgently. By using treated wastewater as an alternative resource Jordan could reduce its dependence on fresh water. Proven Swiss expertise in the sanitation sector aims at increasing the efficiency of wastewater treatment systems and on turning wastewater streams into physical and financial resources. This will not only provide additional water but also reduce health risks and protect groundwater.

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