Take off your paaaants! Tour in Vietnam by Swiss musicians Claudia Cerri and Nikola H. Mounoud

Wednesday, 03.07.2019 – Wednesday, 03.07.2019


Flyer of Take off your paaaants tour
Flyer of Take off your paaaants tour © NuR and • • •

On the 3rd of July, from 06:00pm to 08:00pm, the two electronic wizards known as NuR and • • • (from Geneva and Montreux) will be starting their live music tour in Hanoi! These performances are part of a massive tour which starts in Hanoi on the 3rd of July and finishes in Tokyo on the 11th of August. They will perform in 25 cities, passing through Vietnam, China, Macao, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan. It is highly recommended to catch them during their sonic quest, as there is no telling when they will be able to make it back to perform in Hanoi again!

Nichts Neues; Nur NuR
Thee total sonic fallout, conducted by traffucked, severely screwed and always delayed sphere recordings, saturated with no reason, no logic and no input. A nihilistic sound manifesto, for thee last ones and thee retarded.

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Harsh momentum
• • • (as known as Nikola H. Mounoud) process analog, digital and hybrid feedbacks to produce unique, powerful and highly dynamic live performances where irresponsible noise, unexpected dense sonic blasts, total non-sense and deep irrationality meets to allow the audience to absorb the raw beauty of unleashed frequencies wrath.

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Á Space - Experimental Arts - Nghệ thuật thử nghiệm

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Location: Á Space - Lane 59 Ngô Gia Tự (End of the lane, turn right, 500m further), Hanoi, Vietnam