There are certain rules governing the granting of Swiss nationality to a child. The following qualify as Swiss at birth (SCA; CC 141.0):

  • the child of a married couple at least one of whom is Swiss.
  • the child of a Swiss woman who is not married to the child’s father.
  • a foreign child in its minority (born after 1 January 2006) whose Swiss father is not married to the foreign mother acquires Swiss nationality as if from birth once paternity has been confirmed.

Registration of birth in the UK

In order to register the birth of a child who has one Swiss parent, please find further information in the leaflet birth.

Online desk

Leaflet birth (PDF, 181.9 kB, English)

Questionnaire child out of wedlock (PDF, 92.4 kB, multilingual: English, French, Italian, German)

Statutory declaration child out of wedlock (PDF, 231.5 kB, multilingual: English, French, German)

Information Sheet Are your children Swiss (PDF, 316.7 kB, German)

Information Sheet Are your children Swiss (PDF, 324.3 kB, French)

Information Sheet Are your children Swiss (PDF, 318.0 kB, Italian)

Failure to register children before the age of 25 will lead to the loss of their Swiss citizen­ship.

Delays in the registration of the birth of a child can cause inconvenience in the issuing of Swiss documents.

Birth in Switzerland

In the case of a birth in Switzerland, parents registered with a Swiss representation abroad are under an obligation to report the birth of the child. They must submit the following document (as hard copy or in electronic form) to enable the representation to update its register of the Swiss Abroad:

  • photocopy of the birth certificate of the newborn Swiss infant or of the Swiss family certificate

There is no fee for the registration in question.