Women without borders at Stockholms Litteraturmässa

Saturday, 16.04.2016 – Saturday, 16.04.2016

Conference; Literature; Lecture

Gränsöverskridande kvinnor – Women without borders                    

Stockholms Litteraturmässa 16 April 2016

Ying Chen (China/canada) and Theres K. Agdler (Sweden/Switzerland) in a talk about contemporary female migrant literature, language, identity, integration and women's conditions. Antisocial and boundary crossing women who do not do what is expected of them is a central theme in both Ying Chen and K. Theres Agdlers writings. Together with Benita Funke, Cultural Officer at the Embassy of Switzerland they discuss female roles, power and freedom, the right to our life and death and whether migrated writers can better identify and make visible the unspoken rules and question the prevailing social order.

Organiser: Stockholm Literature Fair in cooperation with the Swiss Embassy and AIEQ.
Language: English.

Where: Kulturhuset, Foajé 3

When: 12.15 – 12.45

Theres K. Agdler also participates in a talk about self publishing at 13.15 on the Biblioteket Plattan stage and reads from her new book (in Swedish) 14.15 – 15.00 at Biblioteket Film & Musik

Free entry! No pre-registration is necessary.


Location: Stockholm