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Swiss-South Sudan Water Project – 2nd phase: Improved access to safe water, capacity building and water resource management

01.04.2011 - 31.05.2015

Due to the high number of returnee during the last few years especially in Northern Bahr el Ghazal, the pressure on the infrastructure in general and the water resources has increased, leading to a high conflict potential between the two main ethnic groups (Dinka and Misseriya).

The water supply systems are weak:

  • 69% have access to safe water
  • 2.7% have access to improved sanitation.

Huge health hazards:

  • Cholera cutbreaks endemic
  • High malnutrition rates (8% SAM, GAM>20%) connected to dysentery and diarrhea and typhoid)
  • Frequent pneumonia and malaria

As any other sector in Southern Sudan, also the water sector remains very weak in terms of capacities and infrastructure, be it in terms of emergency response or rehabilitation / build up of water systems

Projekt abgeschlossen

Objekt 85 – 88 von 88