Film Screening - The debacle of Gietro, Saturday, 27.03.21, 12:30pm

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Saturday, 27.03.2021 – Saturday, 27.03.2021


Film Screening - 1818 Giétro Glacier catastrophe
Film Screening - 1818 Giétro Glacier catastrophe © AardvarkFilm

In 1815, a volcano erupts in Indonesia, covering the atmosphere with cinder. Three years later, a glacier lake devastates the Alpine valley of Bagnes in Switzerland. Thanks to Venetz and Perraudin, an even greater disaster was prevented.

This docu-fiction uses their texts and writings to re-create their discoveries and efforts to avoid the catastrophe, despite the doubts and superstitions of the time. Discover the history of climate science through the men who invented it.

Language: French with English subtitles
Duration: 75 minutes
Rating: Parental Guidance
Admission: Free upon successful registration
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In collaboration with Gardens by the Bay

Supported by Just, Switzerland Tourism, The Municipality of Val De Bagnes, Ricola, and Dar-Vida



Location: Gardens by the Bay, Flower Feild Hall, 18 Marina Gardens Drive