Support of the Swiss-Russian Cultural Exchange During the Pandemic

Local news, 01.07.2020

In the light of the circumstances imposed by the COVID-19 crises, Pro Helvetia Moscow actively explored the best possible solutions to ensure the integrity of the Swiss-Russian cultural exchange. Hence, a focus was made on the professional online discussions as opportunities for the artistic community to collaboratively capture and analyse this unprecedented experience.

Therefore, Pro Helvetia Moscow together with Russian cultural institutions launched series of such professional events.

In May, within one of these discussions in cooperation with Garage museum Pro Helvetia Moscow shared the Swiss dance scene experience through the presentation “Swiss Dance on the Path to Independence”.

Within an online public talk hosted by the Point of Access theatre festival, Russian theatre critics along with the Swiss theatre director Boris Nikitin and Pro Helvetia team addressed the problems of borders and limits in today’s theatre world.

Another important initiative in support of the new formats of cultural exchange is a call for projects “Fast ForwART”. It’s an open call aimed at assisting Russian artists and institutions with the new ways of creative communication and collaboration between Russia and Switzerland. More information about all the projects and initiatives is available at Pro Helvetia Moscow website.


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