Special School and Centre of Cultural Integration Lodygowice

Project completed

The project will improve the premises of the special school for handicapped children in Lodygowice, by renovating and upgrading the existing premises as well as expanding them and providing some specialist equipment.

Country/region Topic Period Budget
Improving social security
Basic healthcare services
01.07.2013 - 31.12.2014
CHF  500’000

Note: the texts under all the headings, with the exception of 'Results achieved', describe the situation before the start of the project.



The lack of acceptance and lack of understanding of the needs and possibilities of disabled persons together with widespread stereotypes and prejudices often results in social and psychical barriers negatively impacting lives of handicapped people and their families.
The Lodygowice special school is supported by the municipality and accommodates approx. 50 children of various degrees of mental disabilities from three poviats. After a change of management some time ago the school seems now under a competent and dynamic management. However, it is still housed in a decaying building and the premises are far from adequate for an efficient and effective education of handicapped people.
As demand exceeds the capacity of the school many children are denied access.


Reduction of social disparities in rural areas by improving the conditions for learning and development of the mentally disabled children and expanding the existing capacity.
The investment will enable the handicapped persons to develop and to reach the educational level that will facilitate the relationships with able-bodied peers and, as a result, will present them with the opportunity to be self-reliable in the future

Target groups

Physically disabled and mentally handicapped people of the Poviats Zywiecki, Bielski and Cieszynski, their families and teachers.


The project foresees the renovation of the existing building in order to adapt it better to physically and mentally handicapped children as well as to upgrade its current physical state (insulation, windows, heating system, etc.).
In addition, an annex building ("Centre of Cultural Integration") will be constructed to provide the needed classrooms for an improved education as well as offering a place for initiatives aiming at active social integration of disabled people with the able-bodied.


Achieved results:  

  • 1 school building constructed and 1 modernized (total surface of 405 m2) in order to improve the learning conditions
  • 120 disabled people accommodated
  • 5 educational and promotional events offered
  • Partnership between the  special needs schools of the Canton of Vaud and the Polish village of Łodygowice created with the goal of improving the professional qualifications of their staff

Directorate/federal office responsible SDC
Credit area Swiss Contribution to the enlarged EU
Project partners Contract partner
Foreign state institution
  • National State Institute North

Budget Current phase Swiss budget CHF    500’000 Swiss disbursement to date CHF    500’000
Project phases

Phase 1 01.07.2013 - 31.12.2014   (Completed)