Open Tenders in Poland


All tenders are announced and offers are evaluated by respective Executing Agencies. All tenders above 130‘000 Euro (for supplies and services) and 5’000’000 Euro (for works) are published in the EU Bulletin (TED) and on the Executing Agencies’ websites. Additionally, for tenders above 500’000 CHF, information is published on SIMAP and on the Swiss Contribution website. All tenders are subject to the Polish Public Procurement Law.

Current opportunities

Click here for a list of currently open or recently completed tenders, together with links to the documentation and contact details of contracting authorities (last updated 03.08.2016).

Who to contact?

For more information on particular tender procedures we recommend you directly contact the Executing Agency in charge of the project. Contact details are available on project subpages and for the ongoing tenders, in the table above (PDF).