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Strengthening Public Financial Management (PFM) at central and local level is essential for stronger governance, improved outputs from public resources and effective resource management. This Trust Fund is a vehicle for development partners to address PFM reform issues in a programmatic and harmonized way with the Government of Nepal.

Paese/Regione Periodo Budget
01.03.2014 - 31.12.2018
CHF 3'000'000
Contesto This Public Financial Management Multi-Donor Trust Fund (MDTF PFM) is a programmatic Trust Fund established to ensure maximum flexibility in responding to the needs of the Government of Nepal as well as development partners to strengthen fiduciary practices, enhance PFM capacity and performance, increase accountability, and improve analytic and monitoring techniques, all of which will in turn achieve value for money and maximize development impact.
Obiettivi The overall objective of the MDTF PFM is to strengthen the performance, transparency and accountability in PFM at national and local levels in Nepal. The Trust Fund provides technical assistance to strengthen the supply side as well as supports the demand side of PFM in order to enhance the accountability of the government. It also aims to foster a better understanding of PFM performance and the environment within which such system operate. Through its positive spill-over on increased accountability, ultimate beneficiaries from this initiative are all stakeholders of more efficient revenue management and budgeting processes, better and more transparent use of public resources, a strengthened oversight institutions and a higher public investment volume, such as the state administration, donors or the wider population.
Effetti a medio termine Improved resource management by the state at national and district level, as a result of strengthened PFM systems and processes.Increased awareness and oversight of government PFM processes by civil society organizations, media, think tanks and other actors.Better knowledge of PFM governance gaps, contributing to improved design of PFM interventions at the national, sub-national and sector level.

Risultati principali attesi:   PFM and Treasury System are efficiently and effectively strengthened by supporting the formulation of various reform strategies, improving expenditure control, transparency and financial reporting and building PFM capacities for a comprehensive and transparent.Executive branch accountability is increased and comprehensiveness and transparency of the PFM system strengthened by improving the quality and completeness of public sector audit and capacity building for the Supreme Audit Institution.Mechanisms to engage citizen in PFM reforms are developed, implemented and lessons learned by strengthening the demand-side engagement through analysis and knowledge-management activities that improve general understanding of PFM processes.

Direzione/Ufficio responsabile SECO
Credito Cooperazione allo sviluppo
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  • International Development Agency

Budget Fase in corso Budget Svizzera CHF   3'000'000 Budget svizzero attualmente già speso CHF   0 Budget inclusi partner del progetto CHF   20'460'000
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