Implementation of targets under the Protocol on Water and Health in Moldova

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The Protocol on Water and Health (PWH) is a European legal instrument adopted to ensure, by linking water management and health issues, the adequate supply of safe drinking water and adequate sanitation for everyone. The project supports Moldova in elaborating an Action Plan to meet PWH targets (set under Phase 1) and build capacity to implement measures agreed upon. To do so, it brings together various actors from the Water and Sanitation, Health and Environment fields.


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01.07.2012 - 31.12.2016
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Access to potable water and sanitation services is dismal. Most of the population get water from surface sources prone to pollution. Eight of ten shallow wells do not meet sanitary standards. Lack of rudimentary sanitary facilities in rural areas lead to arbitrary discharges and worsening of ecosystem. As a signatory party to the Protocol Water and Health Moldova is committed to apply energetic measures to meet the set-out targets.


The population of Moldova, in particular in rural areas, benefit from improved access to safe water (2009: 27%, target 2015: 35%) and sanitation (2009: 11%, target 2015: 45%), reduced water-related diseases and a protected environment, through the implementation of the Protocol on Water and Health.

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Health and environment national and district/local level administrations, water utilities and sanitation operators, environmental NGOs will enhance their knowledge and skills and be better able to use innovative approaches to provide clean water and sanitation services as stipulated by the PWH. Ultimately men, women, children, vulnerable and disadvantaged groups will benefit from the project through reduced water related diseases and protected environment.

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Frame conditions and adequate capacity are in place for National and local authorities, as well as water operators and water users associations to implement measures towards water and health targets set under the Protocol.




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A broad roadmap with 35 targets is officially approved related to the quality, management and protection of waters (for drinking or else) and sanitation systems, to improve health and the environment.The Government of Moldova is now internationally liable to making progress towards these targets under the PWH. The process of setting targets has strengthened cross-sectoral cooperation. Moldova experience of target setting has gained international recognition at the Meeting of Parties (Bucharest, Nov 2010) and is being replicated in Georgia, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan.

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