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Trade policy advice by IDEAS Center in the context of the trade policy review mechasnism in Kyrgysztan and the drafting of a road map of new trade policies in line with the country's overall development objectives.

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10.04.2013 - 30.10.2013
CHF 121'600
Contesto The World Trade Organisation conducts periodical Trade Policy Reviews (TPRs) of all its members. The review are country specific of the trade policies and measures of WTO members,with the purpose of contributing to enhance the WTO principle of transparency. The last TPR of Kyrgystan took place in 2006 and the second took place in 2013. The Government of Kyrgystan was ready to use this exercise to review its trade policies.
Obiettivi The projet aims at using the results of Kyrgyz Republic's trade policy review as an instrument to develop policies in line with country's overall development objectives and to highlight the technical assistance and capacity building the country needs in a coherent and global approach.
Effetti a medio termine Strengthen Kyrgystan's trade policy capacity and provide assistance in the preparation of the TPR meeting in Geneva.Elaborate a trade policy reform road map based on the suggestions of the Kyrgyz Ministry of Economy.Strengthen the cohesion between Kyrgystan's trade policies and its technical assistance needs by providing a priority programm of assistance needs.

Risultati principali attesi:   Assistance in drafting the Government's reportAssistance in drafting comments to the report of the WTO Secretariat.Assistance to responding the questions of the WTO members. Proposal of a trade policy reform road map based on the suggestions made by the Ministry of the economy and drafted in a participative manner.Proposal of an integrated aid for trade proposal taking into account the outputs of the participative process in line with the policy needs.

Risultati fasi precedenti:   There was no previous phase.

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Credito Cooperazione con l'Europa dell'Est
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  • International Trade, Development, Economic Governance and Advisory Services

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