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Uzbekistan: Water Resources Management Sector Project

WRMSP - con gli agricoltori del settore

15.02.2010 - 31.12.2015

In Uzbekistan agricultural production almost entirely depends on irrigation. The country is therefore compelled to using existing water resources much more efficiently, especially in irrigation, which consumes over 90% of the water. After the collapse of the Soviet Union the region inherited huge irrigation schemes, and the associated storage facilities were all managed centrally at that time. The newly independent states inherited a system of inefficient water management, seriously deteriorated infrastructure and poor institutional settings all coupled with the prevailing arid geo-climatic features of the region.

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Mobile Money Project

01.06.2017 - 31.05.2021

The Azerbaijan and Central Asia Mobile Money Project (ACAMM) seeks to improve financial inclusion and financial resilience by increasing access to low cost mobile financial services to the un(der)banked. ACAAM is implemented by the International Finance Corporation and co-funded by the UK's Department for International Development (DFID).

Multi-Country Investment Climate Program

01.01.2017 - 31.12.2024

The Multi-Country Investment Climate Program (MCICP) supports investment climate reform advisory in a total of 20 SECO partner countries. It is implemented by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a globally recognized leader in this field.

Financial Reporting and Audit Enhancement Project

01.04.2016 - 30.06.2020

The Kyrgyz Audit and Reporting Enhancement Project (Karep) seeks to improve access to reliable and transparent financial information of both the public and the private sector, thereby improving transparency and the investment climate for both sectors. This is achieved with the implementation of international standards for financial reporting and audit. Karep is implemented by the Centre for Financial Reporting Reform that is part of the World Bank Group.

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Public Financial Managment Capacity Building Trust Fund

01.12.2015 - 30.11.2019

PFM reforms and capacity building are key for the Kyrgyz Republic to increase transparency and accountability in the use of public funds. SECO has supported these reforms in a first phase of the Capacity Building in Public Finance Management project, administrated by the World Bank, between 2009-2015 and is now co-financing a second phase.

Financial Infrastructure Programme

09.10.2015 - 31.12.2020

The Global Financial Infrastructure Programme (hereafter, the programme) will support the development and creation of well-functioning financial markets in SECO’s priority countries. With a specific focus on credit reporting and secured transaction, the programme will facilitate financial inclusion and foster responsible access to finance. It will be implemented by the the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

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Investment Climate Programme

31.07.2015 - 31.12.2017

The Central Asia Investment Climate Program - active in the Kyrgyz Republic and Tajikistan- seeks to render the business environment more attractive to SMEs. Key regulatory obstacles are being reformed, so that businesses do no longer have to face unnecessary regulatory burdens and compliance is simplified. The Program is implemented by IFC and co-funded with UK DFID.

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