Horn of Africa NGO Safety Programme

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In Somalia and Kenya, implementing projects requires constant security analyses and information to access the beneficiaries and ensure the security of the implementing staff. By supporting NGO safety programmes in both countries SOC contributes to adequate analysis, advise and training allowing the operational NGOs to mitigate risks and improve access to beneficiaries, while benefiting itself from this information to strengthen its context knowledge and secure its own missions/operations.

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Corno d’Africa
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01.06.2013 - 31.05.2017
CHF 2'000'000

The Horn of Africa (HoA) has seen a strong deterioration of security in the last years. Somalia is exacerbated by a long-lasting armed conflict and, as moreInternational NGOs have begun operations from Mogadishu as well as Puntland and Somaliland, exposure to risks is increasing. Explosions of Improvised Explosive Devices (lEOs) and grenades are frequent and the risk of kidnapping of foreigners remains high. Kenya has seen a sudden increase in kidnappings and terrorist activity since 2011 . NGOs often lack adequate support, information, culture and resources related to security for their operations, which endangers the safety of their staff and the concrete implementation (and results) of their humanitarian and development projects.


To contribute to provide the enabling environment for International and National Non-Governmental (NGOs) and Community-based Organisations (CBOs) - and Swiss actors- to operate safely and securely in Somalia and Kenya.

Gruppi target


  • The NGO/CBOs registered
  • NSP and INSO's donors: SDC, DfiD, ECHO
  • Personnel of others donors linked to operations in Somalia and Kenya:EC, ECHO, SIDA, DANIDA, SDC, F, I, NL, DFID, USAID, OFDA
  • UN orgnisations linke to operations in Somalia and Kenya: UNICEF, WHO, WFP, FAO, OCHA, UNHCR, UNDSS
  • the other Swiss actors of the HoA strategy 2013-2016, through SDC

    Effetti a medio termine

  • Improved understanding and capacities in the security environment, knowledge and practices.
  • Increased access to beneficiaries by local and International NGOs in Somalia and Kenya.
  • Risk mitigation of NGOs thanks to improved security analysis and advice.
  • Risultati

    Risultati fasi precedenti:  

    Very positive feedback from NGOs on services provided. Apparent increase in access to beneficiaires in Kenya and Somalia. An independent evaluation commissioned by the Danish Refugee Council will be published shortly. A satisfaction service of NSP (09.2012) shows a high level of satisfaction by the NGOs.

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    Organizzazione non governativa internazionale o straniera
    • Other international or foreign NGO North
    • NSP - NGO Safety Programme for Somalia (Partial Action 01), INSO - International NGO Safety Programme (Partial Action 02)

    Budget Fase in corso Budget Svizzera CHF   2'000'000 Budget svizzero attualmente già speso CHF   1'936'797
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    Fase 2 01.06.2013 - 31.05.2017   (Completed)

    Fase 1 01.12.2011 - 28.02.2013   (Completed)