Water – Building Peace across borders

Local news, 01.06.2020

Swiss Ambassador joins video statement “Water – Building Peace across borders”

Since more than 10 years, Switzerland is promoting cross-border and integrated water management as an instrument to foster peace and development. In a video statement alongside other Swiss representatives, Ambassador Urs Schmid gives insight into this initiative called Blue Peace, which is also aiming at supporting countries in Central Asia to develop a more effective, regional management of water.

Water-Building peace across borders
Water_Building_peace © FDFA

One of the challenges of the 21st century is to ensure an equitable distribution of water that promotes development and peace. As Europe’s water tower, Switzerland has developed extensive expertise in water conservation and international cooperation along transboundary water resources. In the short video statement, Ambassador Urs Schmid explains how Switzerland collaborates with Kazakhstan in the framework of its Blue Peace Central Asia initiative, supporting dialogue to ensure that water remains a common source of peace and prosperity for the littoral states of the Syr Darya. Further, Swiss representatives give insight into Switzerland’s Blue Peace initiative in West Africa, the Mekong Delta, in Sierra Leone and in Jordan and Iraq respectively.

The video has been published on the «Agenda 2030 Switzerland» Social Media Accounts: