Medair JOR: Cash/Health Assistance to vulnerable Syrian Refugees [BSL]

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A substantial decline in the security situation in Syria has led to an ever increasing outflow of refugees into the neighboring countries of Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq and Egypt. Host governments are increasingly under pressure to provide life-saving humanitarian aid while experienced humanitarian actors are required to increase scale and capability to respond. This proposed project seeks to fill the gaps found in humanitarian assistance to those affected by the Syrian crisis living outside the UNHCR refugee camps in Jordan.

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Assistenza umanitaria & RRC
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Assistenza sanitaria primaria
01.09.2013 - 31.07.2014
CHF 600'000

In Jordan, the total number of those registered and awaiting registration, according to UNHCR, is over 550,000. The refugee situation has put an enormous amount of stress on the Jordanian population as well as the government. Syrian refugees now make up some 10% of the population of Jordan and are expected to increase to 20-25% by the end of the year. Most refugees in Jordan reside outside the refugee camps and are currently the most vulnerable due to lack of access to free basic needs and services, especially health care, water, food security and shelter. The humanitarian situation is at a very critical point with increased attention from around the world. It is estimated that by the end of 2013 one million Syrians will be in need of assistance in Jordan (RRP5).


Contribute to fulfilling the most urgent humanitarian needs of crisis affected populations (Syrian refugees and Jordanians) in Jordan for enhanced health and living conditions.

Gruppi target

Shelter/Cash assistance: 350 vulnerable families will benefit from the shelter and cash assistance component. Health: 8,600 children under the age of five, 9,000 pregnant women, 45 health staff and 60 community leaders will be targeted through the health component.

Effetti a medio termine

Lives of vulnerable refugees in Jordan and affected Jordanians are supported through access to essential provisions (1). Provision and access to life saving health and nutrition services is improved and community awareness and practice of livesaving health and nutrition promoting behaviours is increased (2). The Jordanian health system capacity is strengthened via Ministry of Health (MOH) and Jordan Health Aid Society (JHAS) to identify and respond to public health emergencies (3).

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