Swiss residents in Japan

Local news, 26.09.2022

Please make sure to follow the instruction of the local Japanese authorities carefully.

Entry Japan

Entry Switzerland

Health/COVID-19 requirements are the responsibility of the Federal Office of Public Health: All the necessary information

Please note that immigration regulations to Switzerland are implemented by the State Secretariat for Migration SEM. Please check relevant information about current entry restrictions that can be found here. These restrictions can change at very short notice.


Persons residing in Japan must comply with the vaccination requirements of Japan. Information on Pre-vaccination Screening Questionnaire for COVID-19 vaccine, Instructions for COVID-19 vaccination (manufactured by Pfizer) and Notice on COVID-19 vaccination is available on the website of the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. Swiss nationals insured under the Swiss compulsory health insurance with a Swiss provider can be vaccinated in Switzerland. Please contact your health insurance provider or attending physician. More information on COVID-19 vaccination in Switzerland can be found on the FOPH webpages: Coronavirus: Vaccination and Protect yourself and others: Vaccination as well as on the website of the Organization of the Swiss Abroad.

Vaccination certificate 

Starting July 26, 2021 Japanese municipalities will accept applications for the COVID-19 vaccination certificate, which is established in Japanese and English.

An eligible applicant is a person who has been vaccinated against novel corona virus under the Corona Virus Program in accordance with the Japanese Immunization Law and who must present the vaccination certificate when traveling abroad. You must submit your application for the vaccination certificate to the Japanese municipal office that issued your vaccination voucher. The following documents must be submitted:

  • A completed application form designated by the municipal office
  • Valid passport
  • Vaccination voucher
  • Certificate of vaccination against COVID-19 (Sesshuzumi-sho) or
  • Proof of vaccination for COVID-19 (Sessukiroku-sho)

Should you plan a travel abroad, contact the Japanese City or Ward Office as soon as possible after your second vaccination, to request the vaccination certificate for your planned trip.

Be sure to check, that your name is listed in Latin letters according to your passport along with the Kana version of your name on the vaccination certificate. Please contact your local authority for more information.

Application for Swiss Covid Certificate / Vaccination in Switzerland now possible

As a Swiss national living abroad, you can now apply for a Swiss COVID-19 certificate. You have to apply in the canton of origin, which is mentioned in your passport under “place of origin”. In case you still have a residence in Switzerland, you should apply in the canton in which you reside. In order to apply online you have to be fully vaccinated in Japan with a vaccine recognized by Switzerland and you have to be in possession of a COVID-19 vaccination certificate from the Japanese city office/ward office where you live. An overview of the cantonal websites containing information on how to obtain the COVID certificate as well as contact details can be found on the website of the Federal Office of Public Health. Please note that each canton decides independently whether a certificate is issued or not. The Embassy is not in the position to influence the decision or answer any specific questions.

Swiss citizens living abroad (and their immediate family: partners, children, parents and parents-in-law living in the same household) who do not have compulsory health insurance in Switzerland, can now be vaccinated in Switzerland. The Federal Council has amended the Epidemics Ordinance and also decided that the vaccination cost will be assumed by the Confederation. For further details please consult FOPH - Federal Office of Public Health, contact the vaccination center of the canton of origin or the COVID-19 Vaccination Infoline +41 58 377 88 92.

AHV - Life and civil status certificate

Please follow the new outlined procedure by the Swiss Compensation Office (SCO) in Geneva.