The thematic priorities of Swiss development cooperation in Central America are strengthening the rule of law and human rights, promoting economic development and establishing measures to adapt to climate change through natural hazard prevention. Bilateral cooperation in the region focuses on Honduras and Nicaragua. The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) also supports regional initiatives within the framework of its thematic priorities.

Nicaragua and Honduras are the poorest countries in the region and they face varied challenges: Nicaragua is currently undergoing a severe socio-political crisis with grave consequences for human rights and the economy. In Honduras, the fight against poverty has stagnated. Moreover, its institutions are weak and the security situation is very high risk even by regional comparison. Switzerland is thus committed to preventing violence and promoting human rights as well as providing economic opportunities for the poor. The region is susceptible to hurricanes and irregular rainfall (prolonged dry spells), both of which have been exacerbated by climate change. As a result, Switzerland is combining its disaster risk reduction (DRR) efforts with measures to adapt to climate change.

Central America (Nicaragua, Honduras)

2018-2021 Budget distribution
2018-2021 budget distribution ©FDFA FDFA

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