Visarequirements for residents in Finland

Third state members in possesion of both a valid passport as well as a valid Finnish residence permit or travel document as listed below are exempt from visa requirements for a maximum stay of 3 months within a 6 month period if they return to Finland after the trip. However, if they work in Switzerland, the registration with the Cantonal Migration Office is required.

  • Pysyvä oleskelulupa (Permanent residence permit) in the form of a sticker
  • Oleskelulupa tai oleskelulupa ja työlupa (Temporary residence permit or temporary residence and work permit) in the form of a sticker clearly indicating the expiry date and bearing one of the following codes:
    A.1, A.2, A.3, A.4, A.5
    E.A.1, E.A.2, E.A.4, E.A.5 or
    B.1, B.2, B.3, B.4
    E.B.1, E.B.2, E.B.3, E.B.4, or
    D.1 and D.2
  • Oleskelulupa uppehållstillstånd (Residence permit) in the form of a card issued to nationals of the Member States of the EU or the EEA and to members of their families
  • Henkilökortti A, B, C and D (Identity card) issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to diplomatic, administrative and technical staff, including members of their families
  • Oleskelulupa diplomaattileimaus tai olekelulupa virkaleimaus (Residence permit) in the form of a sticker issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, bearing the indication "diplomatic" (diplomaattileimaus) or "service" (virkaleimaus)
  • List of persons participating in a school trip within the European Union

Please see also list of Resident Permits issued by Schengen States.