Reinstatement of citizenship after forfeiture, relief or loss of Swiss citizenship

Art. 27 of the Swiss Citizenship Act (SCA) provides that anyone who has lost Swiss citizenship may apply for reinstatement of citizenship within 10 years and, after the expiry of that period, anyone who has resided in Switzerland for three years may apply to have their Swiss citizenship reinstated.

For example, if a female Swiss citizen lost her Swiss citizenship

  • by marrying a foreign national before 1 January 1992;

  • through forfeiture: i.e. because they were born abroad, the Swiss representation was not notified within the prescribed period, and the birth was not registered in the Swiss civil register;

  • through relief of citizenship;

she may apply for reinstatement of Swiss citizenship within the time limits specified in Art. 27 SCA.


Swiss law recognises dual citizenship. You can in principle keep your original citizenship. Acquisition of Swiss citizenship may, however, result in loss of your original citizenship if the law of your country of origin requires it. Relevant official information can be obtained from the authorities of the country of origin.

Dual Citizenship