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Eine Plattform für die Diaspora


01.05.2010 - 31.05.2013 vernetzt die albanischsprachige Diaspora innerhalb der Schweiz und mit ihren Herkunftsländern. Kontakte und Austausch ermöglichen ihr, zu sozialen, wirtschaftlichen und kulturellen Entwicklungen in ihrer Heimat beizutragen. Die Schweiz unterstützt diese Plattform finanziell.

Land/Region Thema Periode Budget
Diaspora und Entwicklungszusammenarbeit
Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologie (ICT)
Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologie (IKT)

01.05.2010 - 31.05.2013

CHF 470'000

Projekt abgeschlossen

Unterricht und praktische Ausbildung für Roma

Drei Mädchen betrachten im Sommercamp eine Zeichnung.

01.01.2009 - 30.04.2009

Der wirtschaftliche Aufschwung Albaniens hat in den letzten Jahren zu einem Rückgang der Armut geführt. Davon ausgeschlossen sind nach wie vor die Roma und andere Minderheiten. 70% der Roma leben unter der Armutsgrenze. Ihr Pro-Kopf-Einkommen ist wesentlich tiefer als das der übrigen Bevölkerung.

Land/Region Thema Periode Budget
Menschenrechte (inkl. Frauenrechte)
Berufsbildung und Fertigkeitentraining

01.01.2009 - 30.04.2009

CHF 200'000

Geplantes Projekt

Albania: Leave No One Behind

01.06.2021 - 31.05.2024

The vulnerable population of Albania, primarily Roma and people with disabilities, will benefit from equal and dignified access to services and resources. Currently, the needs of these people are not met by the social protection system. Albania has developed a social policy framework in the past years which the Swiss support continues to improve. The project supports the implementation at municipal level. The project will be implemented by the UN using the Delivery as One approach.

Strengthening regional cooperation on migration in the Western Balkans

01.01.2020 - 31.12.2027

In light of diversifying migration patterns and challenges with increasing regional dimensions, the migration policy priorities of Western Balkan governments are changing and the relevance of regional dialogue, coordination and cooperation is growing. This proposal seeks to promote coherent and effective regional governance of migration in all its multifaceted dimensions contributing to greater social cohesion and regional integration in the Western Balkans.


01.07.2019 - 30.06.2023

Albania is at a critical juncture in its democratisation process and low level of civic engagement in the society does not aid. Challenging the status quo, LëvizAlbania empowers actors in the civic space (citizens, interest groups, CSOs, media etc.) to be drivers of change and pressure the government to take action benefiting the Albanian citizens. It complements SDCs extensive past and present work of institutional transformations of local level government.

Skills for Jobs

01.05.2019 - 30.06.2023

Lack of market-relevant skills is still an obstacle to Albania’s economic development and to reduce (youth) unemployment. The project is supporting the government to address this by reforming the vocational education and training (VET) system. Private sector will continue to play a bigger role in VET definition and provision. Already more than half of all VET students and 10% of all (short term) trainees will have access to improved and labour-market oriented skills development enhancing their prospects for a decent job and increased income.

Health for All Programme (HAP)

01.04.2019 - 31.03.2023

The Government of Albania is undertaking a reform to increase the quality and efficiency of public health services to respond to the increasing burden of non-communicable diseases (NCDs). The project will support the elaboration of a primary health care strategy, health workforce management and quality improvement measures of service delivery for a better management of NCDs at primary health care. The aim is a higher satisfaction of users and a better health status of people covered.

Regional Housing Program (RHP)

01.03.2019 - 31.12.2021

Switzerland participates in the Regional Housing Programme which is a joint initiative by Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Croatia. The aim is to contribute to the resolution of the protracted displacement situation of the most vulnerable refugees and displaced persons following the 1991-1995 conflicts on the territory of former Yugoslavia. RHP is expected to provide 11’300 housing units to 34’000 people.

Programme contribution to Brot für alle / Bread for all 2019-2020

01.01.2019 - 31.12.2020

Bread for all (Bfa), the development organization of the protestant churches of Switzerland, has aligned its mandate with the Agenda 2030. Through a network of ten faith-based organizations active in partner countries, Bfa supports disadvantaged people to access Food Security, Education and Health. It also strengthens communities in peacebuilding and conflict transformation, while furthering the social responsibility of Swiss stakeholders.

Geplantes Projekt

Parliament and Civic Education Project (PACEP) in Albania

01.10.2018 - 01.10.2022

Albania has a young parliamentary democracy established only in 1991 after 67 years of dictatorship and wars. The Swiss support will strengthen the national Parliament in Albania to properly carry out its legislative, oversight and representative functions. The project will also empower citizens in the country to know their role, rights and duties in a democracy, and ask for more participation and accountability. 

Albania: PACEP (Support to Parliament and Civic Education Project)

01.01.2018 - 31.12.2022

The Albanian Parliament will be supported to enhance the performance and professionalism of its administration and improve its representative, oversight and legislative functions. Educated citizens and engaged civil society contribute toward more accountability in decision making processes and benefit from a well-functioning parliament.

Decentralization and Local Development Program (dldp) in Albania

01.01.2018 - 30.06.2020

Selected municipalities in Northern Albania will be strengthened in managing local finances and improving their waste management process for offering better services to communities in enlarged territories. The learnings from the long term Swiss support will be transferred sustainably to national actors and will be embedded in regulations and standards at local and national level. 

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