Science and Research in Switzerland – Facts and Figures

Switzerland is not only one of the world’s most innovative research nations, but also one of the most competitive.

Organisation of Science and Research in Switzerland

The division of tasks between the private and public sectors in the field of research and innovation has established itself over time, with most basic research being carried out by the cantonal universities and the two federal institutes of technology (ETHZ and EPFL). Applied research and development and the transfer of knowledge into marketable innovations, however, is primarily the domain of the private sector and universities of applied sciences.

Funding and Support Policy

By supporting and funding research, Switzerland seeks to secure its status as one of the world’s most innovative countries. Public research funding hinges mainly on the proactive work of researchers, the principle of competition and quality-based funding criteria.

Publications and Patents

Swiss scientific publications have a considerable impact internationally. Switzerland has also one of the highest rates per capita of patent applications.