The Swiss financial centre’s many stakeholders engage in regular dialogue. They can be broken down into four groups: clients, regulators/supervisors, political authorities and interest groups.

Two men sit in front of two laptops, taking notes on a sheet of paper.
The Swiss financial centre’s stakeholders engage in regular dialogue focused on implementing the financial market strategy. © PRS

Many stakeholders are involved in the Swiss financial centre:

  • Clients

  • Regulators and supervisors, e.g. FINMA and the Swiss National Bank

  • Political authorities, e.g. the Federal Council and Parliament

  • Interest groups, e.g. SwissBanking, the Swiss Insurance Association, SIX Group and Swiss Finance Startups

In addition to these, the Swiss Banking Ombudsman is a neutral provider of free information and mediation, dealing with specific client complaints against banks based in Switzerland.

The stakeholders regularly seek dialogue with each other to ensure that the interests of the financial centre as a whole are preserved and the financial market strategy is implemented. Clarity with regard to national interests is also a prerequisite for making Switzerland’s position on financial market and tax issues heard on the international stage.