The Swiss are champion waste recyclers.

Clean recycled bottles
Glass recyling, Vetropack © FDFA, Presence Switzerland

Switzerland has the necessary infrastructure and legal regulations in place to manage waste effectively. The public authorities encourage everyone to recycle as much as possible and regularly run advertising campaigns to raise awareness of the issue.

In 2015, Swiss residents recycled 93% of glass, 91% of aluminium cans, 83% of plastic bottles, and 67% of batteries. Paper accounts for over half of recycled household waste, with residents collecting around 152 kg of scrap paper a year. Some 1.3 million tonnes of organic waste is also recycled every year, of which roughly 300,000 tonnes are turned into compost by private households.

Switzerland also has recycling collections for refrigerators, CDs and DVDs, waste wood, used oil, electrical household appliances, medical waste, chemical products, clothes and shoes.