Catholics are the largest religious community in Switzerland.

View of the Benedictine monastey in Einsiedeln
The Benedictine Monastery in Einsiedeln, Canton of Schwyz. © Hofec

37.3% of the Swiss population belong to the Roman Catholic church, making it the country's largest religious community. Due to the influx of Italian, Spanish and Portuguese workers, Catholics have outnumbered Protestants in Switzerland since the 1970s.

Uri (78,8%), Valais (72,8%), Obwalden (72,7%) and Appenzell-Innerrhoden (72,2%) are the cantons with the highest share of Catholics in their total resident population. The Roman Catholic Church in Switzerland has six dioceses - Solothurn, Fribourg, Sion, Chur, St. Gallen and Lugano. Their bishops are under the direct authority of the Pope.