Switzerland is a Christian country. Two-thirds of its population are either Catholic or Protestant (Reformed Evangelical). Freedom of religion in Switzerland also allows other religious communities to practice such faiths as Judaism, Islam and Buddhism.

View of the House of Religions in Bern
The House of Religions in Bern hosts eight different religious communities under one roof. © Stefan Maurer

Most people living in Switzerland are Christians. In addition to those who identify as Reformed Evangelical and Roman Catholic, there are followers of free churches and Orthodox Christianity. Switzerland is also home to other religious communities – Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh and more.

Switzerland's religious landscape has changed considerably in the last 40 years. While migration has resulted in religious pluralism, the number of people – particularly city dwellers – with no religious affiliation is growing.  

Religion – facts and figures

Switzerland is home to a number of religions. Roman Catholicism is the largest denomination in this predominantly Christian country.


Catholicism is the largest denomination in Switzerland, but the Protestant Reformation had a profound influence on the country's identity.